As set usable Tools in Virtual Space 0

Never far had been so apparent that the Internet is entering our lives. If only a few years ago we used it on the computer now we always have with

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MYTHS AND TRUTHS about Android 0

our things I’ve heard about Android, but they really are not true. In Tecnonauta Android review the myths, and we tell the truth about the Google operating system. Android is the mobile operating system most widely used, according to the

Build a Mobile Piece by Piece 0

oogle and Motorola are working on a new system so you can build your phone to your whim and change its parts as if it were a computer. Surely many would like to have with mobiles the same freedom you

How to control a Robot from a distance 0

ery often, due to the economic crisis, many people are returning to the true and their art of DIY. It seeks the savings and discount, the labour of a professional can be expensive, in fact, in many cases. Many people

The Best Studio Speakers 0

Analogue crossovers create certain levels of distortion. Passive parts in the signal path serve to create frequency colouration at best and phase distortion at their worst. These distortions are a limitation of their physics and are unavoidable with analogue crossovers.

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